Mohamed Youssef to Hossam Ashour: Nobody learns for free in Al-Ahly


Mohamed Youssef, Al-Ahly’s former technical director, stressed that ending the league competition at a late date is not new to Egyptian football, and Youssef said in a phone call to the One2 program with the star Hazem Imam on Radio On Sport, “It is necessary for normal life to return, especially since the Corona virus Continuing, so the league must be back in Europe’s leagues, and people say the league will end late, our longevity will end the league late, like the last season that ended at the end of August, uh, the problem, the important thing is that we start, continue, and discuss in the de-stage a lot. ”

Mohamed Youssef added, “By hearing trainers saying that we want 3 months of preparation period and this is very strange, 5 weeks is sufficient for a preparation period and we do not have to start the games in the repentance, we will appear badly at the beginning, then the physical pregnancy rises with the succession of the matches and the fitness and technical return at the highest levels, Every technical manager must use the spinning to protect his players from injuries expected after a long hiatus“.

The former technical director of Al-Ahly continued, “We are a pioneering country in Africa and the Arab world cannot wait to cancel the league or remain suspended, Egypt should be proactive like Germany and be the first to make a decision and everyone will go behind it. We stopped the activity by a decision from the state, so the activity should return with two fractures from the state as it is It happened recently“.

On Al-Ahly’s announcement of the end of his relationship with Hossam Ashour, Mohamed Youssef said, “Ahmed Fathi’s position is different from Ashour, Ahmed Fathi rejected the club’s offer for extension, so he is expected to complete his career with Al-Ahly for the end of the season and leave, unlike Ashour, he entered into a crisis with the club and Al-Ahly decided to end his relationship with him, Ashour is sure to learn from what happened, and no one can learn for free, and he will definitely handle these mistakes “.

And earlier, he said Mohamed Yousif The officials of the Red Club did not enter into negotiations with him for the presidency of the junior sector in the Red Fort, succeeding Fathi Mabrouk.

Youssef stressed in televised comments: “Al-Ahly did not offer Ali to the position, so I did not reject the offer, but this does not mean accepting the position,” stressing: “If Al-Ali offered the position, I will discuss the situation, and accordingly I will respond, whether it is approval or rejection.”

On the crisis of the Century Club that exists between Al-Ahly and Zamalek at the present time, Mohamed Youssef stressed that the red genie is the true century club and it is not right to open the file once again, indicating that Al-Ahly’s right to the Century Club is clear, and any club has the right to demand grievances, but this talk has been from many years “.

On the return of the league, the former Al-Ahly coach pointed out the necessity of his return, because the state has the decision to stop him and is the owner of his return, so everyone must abide by the decision.


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