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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister said that the Council approved the draft Presidential Decree regarding the accession of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the customs agreement related to the international transport of goods, signed in Geneva, with reservations on some paragraphs of the agreement.

The agreement aims to facilitate international road transport by road vehicles, by simplifying and coordinating administrative procedures in this area, and the international road transport system provides benefits for the benefit of customs administrations.
This came during the government meeting, today, Wednesday, through the technology “Video Conference”, which dealt with researching a number of files, and witnessed several decisions as follows:

– The Council of Ministers approved a draft decision of the President of the Republic regarding the reallocation of an area of ​​state-owned land privately, in the area of ​​Arab Abu Sa`id, in the Saf Center, for the benefit of Giza Governorate, for use in establishing an industrial zone.

– The Council of Ministers approved a draft decision of the President of the Republic regarding the allocation of an area on the eastern road in Beni Suef / Minya, from state-owned lands privately, in Beni Suef Governorate, for the benefit of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources; To be used in setting up a compressor station for natural gas, to increase the efficiency and increase the network pressures within the governorate.

– The Council of Ministers approved the Prime Minister’s draft decision organizing the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and the decision stipulated that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities should activate incoming tourism to support relations with the peoples of the world and contribute to the development of the national economy, and stimulate local tourism to deepen citizens ’awareness of their country’s heritage and learn about its tourist sites In addition to developing national participation in the tourism industry and deepening integration between the various sectors related to tourism work, as well as promoting the development of tourist and archeological areas, following up on the detection, restoration, maintenance, insurance, and preservation of antiquities, establishing museums and organizing museum displays.

The draft resolution also stipulated that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is concerned with the aim of achieving its objectives in drawing general policies organizing various fields of tourism and archeology, drawing policies and plans and general programs to stimulate and develop foreign and local tourism, planning and organizing promotional and promotional campaigns with a view to revitalizing the tourist movement, and participating with international organizations in Setting international policies related to the fields of tourism and antiquities.

The Ministry is concerned with issuing licenses to engage in tourist activities, supervising services and tourism activities, and overseeing the commitment of hotel and tourist establishments and tourism companies, and other travel agencies, marine activities centers and shops selling tourist goods, with the specifications and conditions determined by the Ministry.

The Ministry’s competences include preserving the historical status of archaeological areas, supervising the organization of international and local conferences related to tourism and antiquities affairs, participating in the activities of international organizations held abroad, as well as training technical and administrative personnel in the field of tourism and antiquities, working to raise their level of competence, and proposing regulatory legislation For tourism and antiquities affairs.

The draft resolution stipulates that the Minister in charge of Tourism and Antiquities Affairs shall follow the following bodies and funds: the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Promotion, the General Authority for Tourism Development, the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the Grand Egyptian Museum Authority, the National Museum Authority for Egyptian Civilization, the Fund for the Project for Enforcement of Nubian Antiquities, a fund tourism.

– The Council of Ministers approved a draft resolution amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the Law on Organizing Universities, promulgated by Law No. 49 of 1972, regarding the addition of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tanta.

The move comes with the aim of the university’s endeavor to support the scientific progress that is currently represented in artificial intelligence technology, and to reduce alienation.

– The Council of Ministers approved a draft resolution regarding the extension of the period specified for the incorporation of companies and establishments, so that they can enjoy private investment incentives, for a period of 3 years from October 29, 2020.

This step comes within the framework of the state’s keenness to support serious investments and investors, and to encourage attracting local and foreign investments, by granting an additional period of three more years during which the investment project can be granted the incentives prescribed provided that the company or establishment is established during the 3-year period.

– The Cabinet approved the adoption of a number of decisions and recommendations issued by the Ministerial Committee meeting to settle investment disputes, at its 64th meeting held on June 8, 2020, for 28 issues, 27 of which were decided upon.

– The Cabinet approved the substitution of the Minister of Education and Technical Education; To contract with companies providing scientific content to take advantage of the offers submitted by Elsevier Company and Incision Academy to develop a project of the LMS program in the field of scientific training for fellows physicians electronically, that the contract be activated starting from the first of next July, in the context of ensuring the activation of the distance education system.

– The Council of Ministers approved the decision of the Ministerial Committee to settle disputes of investment contracts held on June 9th, regarding the dispute between “Petrokletic” companies, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation.

– The Cabinet approved the offer submitted by the organizer of the Tutankhamun exhibition “Golden Pharaoh” held in the “Saatchi” hall in London, which was closed by the British authorities since last March 18, as part of the precautions it took to confront the new “Corona” virus, so that The exhibition reopened for an alternative period in the same hall to compensate for the 44-day period during which the exhibition was closed, as the exhibition period was scheduled to end on April 30th.

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