Mostafa Moharram: Converting the life of Mohamed Fawzi to a TV series soon


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Publication date: Saturday, June 20, 2020 – 0:41

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        The great writer Mustafa Muharram said that he recently contracted for a new drama about the life of the late artist Mohamed Qouzi with the quality of biographies.<p>Muharram added during a phone call with the media Kasaoua Al-Khalali, in the "Evening with Kasaoua" program that is shown on the "TeN" satellite channel, today, Friday, that he has finished writing about 22 episodes, as he continues to write episodes in the current period, noting that the artist Samir Sabri will take over the artistic production process, and the production body will be settled in the coming days, in preparation for the start of the nominations process, the selection of actors and the initiation of photography. 

Mohamed Fawzi, an Egyptian singer and composer born on August 15, 1918, made 36 films (this is in addition to his other appearance in the Cairo Nights movie in 1939, and thus he is probably the most represented male singer. He also allowed other composers to compose in the films he represented. (Like films kiss me, Dad, Narges, and Leila Bint Al-Shati), while Muhammad Abdul Wahab and Farid Al-Atrash composed all the songs in the films they represented separately.

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