Mourad Mounir settles the debate about his religion and his marriage to Faiza Kamal: “Aslam


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Tuesday 23 June 2020

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

Director Mourad Mounir resolved the controversy surrounding his religion and the religion of his wife, the late artist Fayza Kamal, explaining the incorrectness of reports that he was a Christian when he married her, while she was a Muslim.

Director Murad Munir said in a special statement to “Masrawy”: “My late wife is Fayza Muhammad Kamal Ramadan, and I got married to a Muslim because the law does not allow a Muslim to marry a Christian.”

He added: “The surprise was that I became Muslim by marrying 15 years before I married Faiza, meaning that my Islam was not caused by marriage to her.”

The past days witnessed a controversy after the publication of a page called “Maspero Zaman Lovers” via Facebook, a group of pictures of Youssef, son of the late artist Faiza Kamal and director Murad Munir, along with a picture of his uncle, artist Magda Munir, and asked the followers how is her brother a Christian and married to a Muslim?

Many of the site’s users interacted with the images; Fayza Kamal appeared with her husband, director Mourad Mounir, and another for Youssef on the stage and a third for Majida of her role.

Some thought that the couple married a civil marriage, which prompted the actress Magda Mounir, the director’s sister, to respond, saying: “Why is the verdict issued, why? Brown’s relationship with Adam with his Lord is a very special relationship, no one interferes in it, I also see that the subject and take more than its size “.

She added: “My brother is Muslim and married the artist Fayza, and their children are Muslims, but we are all one family loving each other.”

Artist Fayza Kamal married director Mourad Mounir and gave birth to Youssef and Leila. She passed away on May 26, 2014, after suffering from liver cancer, at the age of 52.

Faiza Kamal has participated in more than 40 TV commercials, 20 cinematic works, and also participated in several plays.

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