Moved to them through blood .. AIDS preys on a mother and her son in Saudi Arabia – one world – Arabs


AIDS tightened its grip on a Saudi mother and her son, and their lives were turned upside down after the death of her husband, and she became a prisoner of persistent concerns with each passing day.

AIDS passed to Um Wael and her son through blood. The widow’s suffering is not limited to HIV only, but she faces harsh conditions of life with patience and faith, and her need for expenses increases with a limited income, as she is sick with AIDS, diabetes, stress and obesity.

According to the Saudi newspaper “Okaz”, Um Wael manages her life through the social security and comprehensive rehabilitation she receives, which hardly meets her requirements, especially as she supports her mother who suffers from a herniated disc and her sibling brother due to his paralysis, and her son left the school seats in the middle first grade. His health deteriorated due to AIDS.

Umm Wael fears the unknown fate, confirming her adherence to a great deal of hope that she will find someone to stand with her and get her out of the successive crises that ravage her.



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