Nadas fiance distorts her face after breaking the engagement and her father: We take our right into the law


Relationships and society

A young man mutilates the face of his fiancée after the decision to annul the engagement

Nada Ihab Mustafa did not know that her decision to dissolve the sermon would turn into a distortion of her face and all parts of her body, and this happened with the 16-year-old, who lost her life and youth due to a “recklessness” of a young man who decided to eliminate the girl and prevent her from marrying any other young man.

Nadas father recounts what happened with his daughter after her decision to end her relationship with her fiance after discovering that it was different from her. They”.

“A verse of beauty” as described by everyone who sees it, until its face turned into a black mass, “This incident occurred in the village of Al-Jabal Al-Asfar, after 8 months of engagement.”

Iqab, the 22-year-old girl’s fiance, decided after her thinking to stay away from him.

The father issued a report of the incident, at the Khanka police station, in which he accused the young man of defaming his daughter’s face, “We will violate our right to the law.”


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