New British app warns citizens of areas with high infection rates


The UK may have a simple way to stimulate adoption of a contact tracking app that is still under development for a long time, as a source in the Financial Times claims that the NHS innovation suite is developing a number of additions, most notably the Geiger Counter map “Which will alert citizens to areas with high infection rates, and they will know to avoid the severely damaged neighborhood, for example.

According to the American engadget website, more features will include building barcodes, to allow workplaces to know whether or not an infected person has visited them, and a countdown timer for people who have been asked for self-isolation.

A UK Ministry of Health and Welfare spokesman did not comment on the specifics, instead, they emphasized the goal of supporting the NHS testing and tracking service.

The additions come along with a potential new marketing scheme “Personal Protective Equipment in Your Pocket”, and will emphasize the challenges the UK faces, and the adoption of a widely tracked Contact Tracking app may be important to prevent infection spikes that lead to more closures, but There is no guarantee to be downloaded by the cautious audience.

While Singapore has adopted smart wristbands after struggling to recruit users to implement them – the UK may not be much better if residents see few immediate benefits.


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