Nour al-Sharif and Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz accompany Ahmed Zahir in the backstage of a dungeon 7. Know the story


In the scenes of a movie Dungeon 7 And specifically in “Caravan”, the artist Ahmed Zaher, the wall of the room put together pictures of the most important stars, most notably Adel Imam, Nour al-Sharif, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Salah Abdullah.

The media, Bossi Shalaby, asked Zaher about his relationship with these stars, and he said: “We brought us up for their works and their art. I told them I want this caravan to be preferred with me until the end of the film, because every day I look in the image of the teachers Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Adel Imam and Nour Al Sharif and uncle Salah Abd God. ”

Zaher added: “I hope to be a” triumphant “one of them”, and tell about his memories with these stars and prefer them to him, Noor Al-Sharif made me a star. As for Mahmoud Abdel Aziz for me, the spiritual father and he always rejoices in my success, while Adel Imam worked with him as a scene. One in the movie Aris from a security standpoint and I was very proud that I would stand before him, and Salah Abdullah, our father, all of us. ”

It is noteworthy that the star Ahmed Zaher is preparing for the absolute championship during the coming period after the success of the “Fathi” character in the “Prince” series of the star Mohamed Ramadan, which was shown in the season of the last month of Ramadan, and Zaher achieved mass success and was trend on search sites in Google and Social Media, as he prepares to contest the absolute championship for the first time in his artistic career, and he is contracted for a dramatic action tournament that will be presented outside of the Ramadan season, in which a large group of stars will participate.

The work is still in its first preparations, and Zahir conceals the details of the work, which is still in the first writing stages, and it is scheduled to conclude a contract with the stars participating in the series next period in preparation for the launch of photography, and display it outside Ramadan.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Zahir recently joined the series “Pearl” by the young artist Mai Omar in her first absolute tournaments, and shooting is scheduled to start next period after the completion of the contracts of the stars, and preview the locations of photography, which will be shown outside the month of Ramadan and embody the role of a singer named Pearl and who Written by Zeinab Aziz and directed by Mohamed Abdel Salam.


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