Nour Hisham Selim’s statements are turned against him, and reports are poured against him


A case of controversy accompanied statements Light Son The artist Hisham Selim, In which he went out in order to defend the activist Sarah Hijazi, and through his words revealed his health condition before the process of sexual transformation.

Reports against Nour Hisham Selim

Ayman Mahfouz, the Egyptian lawyer, announced his presentation Notice The Attorney General v Nour Hisham Selim, After appearing in a video clip defending activist Sarah Hegazy after Suicide By revealing his health condition before the sexual transformation.

In his communication, lawyer Ayman Mahfouz said: “The war against our culture and morals continues, and the emergence of many celebrities to call for the spread of vice and immorality between our young men and women is the actual war facing Egypt,” according to the constitution.

Report against Nour Hisham Selim
In his statement against Nour Hisham Selim, the lawyer added: “Nour Hisham Selim’s claim to rudeness when he claimed gay rights to the homosexuality for lack of choice for them, justifying his cheap call that homosexuality is a creation from nature for them, is a daring and insulting to the divine self that honored man.”

The lawyer continued in his communication: “That call is invalid because behavioral deviation is not from God’s creation, but from the actions of people and their devil, the most criminal of the criminal is the one who encourages them to criminalize them and their deviation and who calls all humans and the poor to support them and recognize that those forbidden and criminal acts are their right, and this What was committed by Nour Hisham Selim is a crime punishable by the Anti-Literature Law. “

The lawyer continued his speech in the communication: “Likewise, the law shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of no less than six months and not exceeding three years, for anyone who is found in a public place inciting immorality, debauchery, prostitution by word or sign or any other means.”

Not much time has passed, and a new communication against Nour Hisham Selim was announced by Ashraf Farhat, the lawyer of cassation, pointing out that Nour’s name was not included in the Civil Status Authority as a male.

In his communication, the lawyer added that Nour Hisham Selim confessed with a free will that what he had done as a sexual transformation based on her desire, and not because of a hormonal imbalance, which indicates the existence of fraud and fraud in the documents submitted in order to obtain a national number to change the name and gender, and that what happened is a crime It must be punished by the medical team, according to his statement to the homeland.

Reports heaped on Nour Hisham Selim
The lawyer continued in his communication that the complainant’s father did not return to Al-Azhar Al-Sharif or Dar Al-Iftaha, before his daughter embarked on the operation, and that the legal procedures that must be followed before the transformation process, is to obtain the approval of a health committee from the Ministry of Health and the approval of the Fatwa and other approval from psychiatry.

Lawyer Ashraf Farhat called for an order to be seized and brought against the “transgender” person, and for investigation.

Confessions of Nour Hisham Selim

Nour Hisham Selim was the most recent loudest by admitting that he was not suffering from a hormonal imbalance, or that the operation he performed came as a correction, during his response to critics of Sarah Hijazi who committed suicide in Canada.


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