Officially … Al-Ahly complains about the Zamalek channel because of Mortadas comments


07:15 PM

Thursday 04 June 2020

Reham Hamdi wrote:

Al-Ahly club submitted a complaint to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation against the Zamalek channel; Under the pretext of violating all norms, covenants and controls of media work.

Al-Ahly club indicated, through an official statement issued today, Thursday, that the Zamalek channel brought insults, slander and delayed symptom and false accusations in the words of the president of the Zamalek club, which continued its approach to stir discord and ignite fanaticism among the masses.

Al-Ahly pointed out that his complaint also included the attack and the unjustified abuse of the President of the Zamalek Club and the lies that he presented in an attempt to challenge the financial disclosure of Al-Ahly officials without evidence or evidence.

Al-Ahly completed his statement: “This is in contradiction to the threat and intimidation of his inappropriate statements that he does not possess, in addition to spreading hatred among the masses. Al-Ahly warned in his complaint that the Zamalek channel continues to deviate from the rules of media work and demanded that legal measures be taken to preserve the values ​​and constants of Egyptian society And the unity of the class among the sons of the homeland. “


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