Old photos of Amr Diab and Sherine Reda during their marriage that show Dina El-Sherbiny ridiculed


A number of Instagram’s photo and video application accounts recovered old photos of Egyptian artists Amr Diab and Sherine Reda, and it appeared that they had taken them during their marriage.

The artist drew attention with his accolade, and Shereen aroused attention with her beauty and femininity. Many felt that the shape of either of them did not change much, despite their advanced age. Others compared Sherine to her fellow artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, who considered the first more beautiful than the second.

Some of our comments were ridiculed and criticized, including what was written in it: “God is better than knowledge. We are amazed, Amr comes down from his level and knows the response of prisons, how can Sherine be better than our stages?”

It is noteworthy that a sound recording of El Sherbiny was recently circulated through which she commented on the sound music of the series “The Game of Forgetting”, which was composed by the artist Amr Diab.

And she said in the clip that the Insider Arabic account posted on “Instagram”: “Far from the fact that I love all the music it offers, but the truth of this music is that he personally loves her very much, I mean, usually there are too many times that I want to re-Tatar again, but I was I watch the series in order to hear the music, this is real and very different in the scenes, and when I watch the scenes before and after the soundtrack is put, I find that there is an unnatural difference.

She added: “Because the series is mine, I cannot express well, but if I hear it far from the series” The Oblivion Game “, I need to say in it poetry, because it is really wonderful, influential and has all the meanings that are in the series, the need for you, may God clear it and sit He enjoys us the needs he works hard. ”


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