On the anniversary of al-Rihani .. Learn about his story with “divination” and the secret of lack of possession


05:39 PM

Monday 08 June 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Naguib Al-Rihani was one of the most important stars of the comedy, and he is still so, and he is a private school owner, no one preceded it, he came out of her cloak of big stars, affirming their influence on him, and that it is a sea that everyone can escape from even after his departure decades ago.

On the anniversary of the departure of “The Crying Laughter”, we review his story with the divination who foretold things that had already happened, and revealed to him secrets in his past, which made him believe what she said and believed in him, until he refused to own a private car throughout his life, for fear of a prophecy that told him about it.

Al-Rihani says about divination in his memoirs, published by Dar Al-Hilal: “This lady told me things that happened to me in the past, as if she was with me, and that she told me special circumstances that I passed through in the same style that I mentioned, and I really pawned my mind with what she has thrown from the history of my past life, She left me amazed, thinking how a person, no matter how knowledgeable, would stand on such surprisingly fine details. “

Al-Rihani’s encounter with divination was in 1913, and Al-Rihani swore that throughout his life he still passed through the stages of his life predicted to him by divination, and told him that his condition will change and will move from poverty to richness, and from rich to poverty and then return to richness again. ” After years.

Among the words of divination was what made al-Rihani afraid of owning cars until his death: “The amazing divination predicted that there will be a collision that will happen to a car in which I am, even though it reminded me that our Lord, God willing, will have the consequences intact, but I feared that day, so I refrained from buying a car For myself, just as if I am called to ride a third party car or even a taxi, I beg the driver with all dear to him to have mercy on the servants of God, and to walk less than his deadline, because I am never in a hurry. “

“I am not in a hurry, I always say it whenever I get into a car, even if it is a minute’s rest on the train where I will travel … and a word in your ear, dear reader, I did not say it to anyone but God to this day. That is that I always prefer riding horse carriages, not companions.” In Arabic, in the interest of my dear life. “

Naguib Al-Rihani is one of the most famous theater and cinema stars in Egypt and the Arab world. He left our world in this month of June 1949, and his last work was the movie “Ghazl El Banat” with actress Laila Murad and artist Anwar Wajdi, with the participation of artist Soliman Naguib and artist Abdel Wareth Aser, And artist Youssef Wehbe, and artist Ferdous Mohamed.


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