Pictures – here Zahid apologizes for her sister on her birth day .. And Ahmed Fahmy comments


The artist here, Zahid congratulated her sister Farah, on her birthday, via the “Alstoriz” feature, on the Instagram application, and gave her a spontaneous apology for not being able to be with her and celebrate this occasion.

The Egyptian artist published a picture of her sister from her wedding from her wedding ceremony, written by the artist Ahmed Fahmy, and wrote to her: “She is my soulmate, I am very sorry for not being with you today. Happy New Year to the most beautiful girl on earth.”

She posted another spontaneous picture that brought them together and made sure to put a crown on the head of the Christmas owner, as an expression of her love and joy on this occasion.

In turn, Fahmy also congratulated Farah through a photo that brought them together and wrote on it: “Every year, you are good, Farouh, we will celebrate the close of us all together.”


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