PlayStation 5 announcement postponed due to U.S. protests


After she had intended to unveil it on the fourth of this month, Sony returned and confirmed that the event is for a show PlayStation 5 It will be postponed to a later date, and in a tweet about the matter, the company said: “We have decided to postpone the announcement date PlayStation 5 That was due on June 4, and we know that players all over the world are excited to see games PS5But we feel the time is not appropriate for celebration, we want to step aside to allow more voices to be heard“.

Some believe that Sony’s decision is linked to the protests taking place in several regions in the United States and some regions of the world after the death of George Floyd, and the impact of the electronic devices market on these protests, according to Russia today.

Sony is expected to unveil its new platform later during an event that will be broadcasted directly over the Internet, during which Jim Ryan, CEO of the entertainment sector in the company will review the most important advantages of the new gaming platform that will be presented.

On the subject, Ryan said: “The upcoming games represent to PlayStation 5 The best reached by the game design studios in the world, all the big and small studios collaborated on developing them both, what we will show soon will be part of the capabilities of the platform and its games, and we will still have a lot to share with users in the future“.

According to the leaks, the new platform will be equipped with a processor AMD Zen 2 Octa-core 3.5 GHz processor, graphics processor RDNA 2, To give it super fast handling of high-resolution photos and videos.

You are also supposed to get an internal storage type SSD , And recent random-access memory type SSD.

As for the photos leaked to the external design of the platform, they appear to be completely different from the platforms PlayStation Previous, it comes with large cooling nets on all sides of the platform structure, with attractive blue interior lighting.


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