Please El-Gedawy First .. 4 Egyptian artists under the Corona Guillotine


The newly created Corona Virus “Covid-19” was able to infect a number of artists during the recent period, after they were exposed to cases carrying this epidemic, which spread in various countries of the world and disturbed its government.

In the last hours, the young artist Karim Kassem was infected with the new corona virus (Covid 19), and Marwa El Sawi, business director of Kassem, in Bailan, a journalist, declared that he was infected with the Corona virus, noting that he had been suffering from the disease for a while, noting that he Subject to house insulation and the doctor’s instructions in this matter.

The artist Karim Kassem shared with his fans and all his followers a video of him via his Instagram account that tells his experience with the Corona virus after he was infected with it 3 weeks ago, and at the beginning of the video Karim Kassem spoke that he was infected with Corona virus 3 weeks ago and decided to talk about the symptoms that appeared on him and how he dealt with The virus, saying: “I knew Corona in the month of 3 and lived with my parents alone. He had 79 years of terror, and I was afraid of him and sat home. Because I was at work, and I had obligations that could not be done. I stopped working. I got a photo. At the end of April on the 17th and 18th of May, I showed symptoms of Corona and the first Need a hard headache, heat cracking appeared in the bone very rigid.

Karim Kassem continued, “After 12 hours, symptoms did not appear. I spoke to all the people I met in the last 14 days to check on themselves. The fourth and fifth day I was dying and I lost the sense of taste. I used to make a video of the will and took my mind from myself to myself and made it difficult for myself and I was afraid. I die alone and the apartment door crushes me, sixth and seventh day, I started to improve. ”

He added, by making this video, why are the people who visited Corona, and who corroborated them Corona, my testimony stating that many people have symptoms of mild cough, diarrhea, returning headache in your home, and treating yourself as a scratch somewhere in need of a place in the hospital, the topic is not easy, not simple, and the topic is not very easy The role of cold and salvation, if he spoke to you and said that he had visited the symptoms of Corona, I would hear it, and you would be surprised by his words.

Karim Kassem concluded the video by thanking all the people who asked Ali, reassured him, gave him positive energy and sent him food from his friends and family.

Before him, singer Mai Farouk announced that her colleague, singer Nihal Nabil and her mother were infected with the new Corona virus, through a post through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, saying: “News from the worst news that I knew. The virus, may God protect you, sweetheart, heal you, and heal you. Mama, crisis and transgression, all your prayers.

Rahma announced that she and her family were infected with the new Corona virus, through her account on Facebook, and Rahma wrote: “Me and my family all have Corona.”

All of these artists were preceded by the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, who was infected with the virus last May 24, and she was transferred on the same day to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia to start receiving treatment with her.

And about her condition inside the hospital after her admission, her daughter Amira said that her mother has been suffering from high temperatures, since she was admitted to the hospital, her temperature is 39.6 degrees, and she was given medicines to reduce her temperature, and at dawn last Tuesday she was transferred to the intensive care room, after developments occurred and she retreated in her condition Health.


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