Pray for me the prayer of the absent … Asma Sharif Munir writes her will


Relationships and society

Asma Sharif Munir

Following the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which claimed millions of lives in various countries of the world, fear and panic dominated everyone’s hearts, for fear of infection or contact with patients.

The artist and media Asma Sharif Mounir, was among the many who were frightened by the spread of the virus, especially after the infection of the artist Rajaa Jaddawi, which led her to write her will through her official account on the social networking site “Facebook”, if infected.

Asma said during her post, “If you came to Corona and defeated me … they would pray the absent prayer, # will.”

Asma Sharif Mounir, the daughter of the artist Sharif Mounir, and I shared with him the presentation of the “Me and My Girl” program, and they discussed in each episode one of the topics that dealt with the difference between generations, and their way of thinking from a group of guests.


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