President of Cairo Transport Authority: Preparing a study to move the bus ticket price


Major General Rizk Ali Mustafa, head of the Public Transport Authority in Cairo, revealed that he submitted a study to reduce support within 3 years, foremost of which is to move the value of the ticket, especially since the cost of the ticket on the authority is estimated at 8 pounds, while 80% of the tickets of the authority are sold to the public at 4 pounds and 12% of them At 5% and 8% of it for only 6 pounds, but he is awaiting a response.

Ali Mustafa added – during the meeting of the Local Administration Committee in the House of Representatives headed by Representative Ahmed al-Sajini today, Wednesday, to discuss the budget of the Public Transport Authority in Cairo for the new year 2020/2021 – that the authority contracted 60 new buses that provide excellent services, including 30 buses in next July for a ticket of 10 Pounds.Mustafa added that the support for the authority decreased the new year 2020/2021 by 50 million pounds from the current year 2019/2020, and we have 350 lines at the level of the republic.

Mustafa noted the losses of the commission, especially since it has 27 thousand workers, which is a large number, most of which are in the engineering sector and constitute a burden on the authority, as the number of drivers is 7 thousand compared to 4 thousand collectors, and 8 thousand in the engineering sector of mechanical and other, while the authority is sufficient for 20 A thousand workers only.

Mustafa pointed out that there are about 900 workers who were also working in Heliopolis trams, and offered if it was possible for them to work in another sector that could benefit from them.

The matter that led Representative Ahmed Al-Sajini to request his submission of an integrated paper on his claim and his plan for the institutional development of the authority, with the recommendation to hold a meeting that includes the Cairo and Alexandria transport bodies, in the presence of the Minister of Local Development, the governors, and all the concerned authorities.

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