Preventive medicine bodes well for chronic disease holders


Mustafa Ghanima, head of the sector said Preventive Medicine At the Ministry of Health and Population, starting from Saturday, the President’s 100 Million Health Initiative will start following up with people with chronic diseases.

And the head of the preventive medicine sector: “The owners of chronic diseases must go to the hospital to follow up their cases in the event of infection with the Corona virus, because their health situation is more difficult than the average person who does not suffer from chronic diseases.”

He added, during a telephone interview with the media, Sharif Amer, presenter of the program “Happening in Egypt”, and broadcast on the satellite channel “MBC Egypt”, that the rates started to decline, pointing out that the injuries are going according to expectations.

The Head of Preventive Medicine noted that since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the ministry’s expectations are in place and almost close to the numbers.

He continued: “You notice over the past days an increase in the death rate, and a review of the cases turned out to be due to chronic diseases.”

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