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China National Biotechnology Group “CNPG” said on Sunday that the results of human tests for one of the possible vaccines to prevent the emerging corona virus indicate that it may be safe and effective and it is the second possible vaccine from the company that produces encouraging results in Clinical trials.

According to preliminary data, the experimental vaccine, developed by a Beijing-based unit, stimulated high-level production of antibodies in all participants who received it in the first stage of a two-stage clinical trial involving 1120 of the company, according to preliminary data. Healthy people. However, the company did not disclose specific observations.

Authorities have allowed Chinese companies and research centers to test eight potential human vaccines in China and abroad, putting China ahead of the race to develop a vaccine to prevent the disease that has killed nearly half a million people worldwide so far.

The company, which is affiliated with the state pharmaceutical group Sinopharm, said this month that another possible vaccine produced by its unit in Wuhan also stimulated the production of high levels of antibodies safely in participants in clinical trials, also based on preliminary results.

Any vaccine needs to be proven effective in a third stage of testing in humans, involving thousands of participants, before it can be allowed to go on sale.

CNPG said on Tuesday that it would conduct a clinical trial in the “third stage” of new vaccine tests for the Corona virus, without mentioning the name of the vaccine to be tested.



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