Q and A: All you need to know about the developments of Al Ahly deal with Taher Muhammad Taher


Al-Ahly club negotiations with the Arab Contractors Club to include Taher Mohamed Taher, the player of the Arab Contractors, are still grabbing the attention of many fans of the Red Castle in light of the financial dispute between the two clubs, which we monitor in the context of the following questions through the following report:

Q: What are the latest developments in Al-Ahly negotiations to include Taher Muhammad Taher?

A: The negotiations between Al-Ahly and the Arab contractors are continuing intensively, as Al-Ahmar wants to settle the deal in his favor during the coming season, after Rene Fyler asked Al-Ahly technical manager to include the player..

Q: What are the requests of the Arab contractors to dispense with the player?

A: The contractors initially requested 50 million pounds and then agreed to reduce the amount to 40 million pounds to sell the player permanently.

Q: What about Al-Ahly’s position regarding the contractors ’request?

A: Officials Al-Ahly They totally rejected the demands of the Arab contractors, and confirmed that 40 million pounds is a very large sum.

Q: How does the dispute between Al Ahly and the contractors end, to settle the deal?

A: Al-Ahly offers to buy the player on loan for a period of one or two seasons. In the event that contractors agree to reduce his financial demands a lot, the deal will be finalized, not on loan..

Q: Did the contractors receive other offers for Taher Muhammad Taher?

A: Although contractors officials have announced that the Pyramids Club wishes to buy the player, the Pyramids administration has denied these reports altogether and in detail..

Q: Was Taher Muhammad Taher signed for Al-Ahly?

A: Yes .. Al-Ahly officials got the signature of a desire from Taher Muhammad Taher during the last period in preparation for the transition to the ranks of the team during the next season, after the past months witnessed extensive negotiations and contacts between Al-Ahly and the player that resulted in the end of the signing of the Arab Contractors star for the Red Fort.

Q: Why did Taher Muhammad Tahir prefer to move to Al-Ahly?

A: Taher Muhammad Taher chose Al-Ahly after he followed the offers that he had received during the last period, and found that it is not strong and will not add to him, unlike the case if he leaves for Al-Ahly and participated with him in an effective way, as he will increase his opportunity to be with the national teams, whether Olympic or First, and will gain experience Which later qualifies him to become a major league club in Europe.

Q: How much is the marketing value of Taher Muhammad Taher?

A: The marketing value of the mountain wolf game maker reached 400 thousand euros, in its last update during last April, on the website of the transfer market statistics, which is equivalent to 6 million and 800 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Q: What did Taher Muhammad Taher do with the Arab contractors this season?

A: Taher Mohamed Taher did not participate with the contractors since the start of the current season, except in six of the 18 games played by mountain wolves, due to the injury in the back muscle that also prevented the young playmaker from participating with the Olympic team in the African Nations for Youth that crowned the Pharaohs. To qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, and during his six partnerships with the contractors, Taher scored one goal and did not make any goals, in a season that is not the best for the contractors games maker, and in total, Taher participated with the contractors in 86 games, scored 11 goals and made 9 others


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