Reham Hajjaj denies the news of her accusation that Karim Qassem was infected with the Corona virus


The artist Reham Hajjaj denied the news and rumors that were subjected to many accusations that revolve around her having a party at her home and receiving a number of artists in light of the spread of Corona virus, where she confirmed that she is in good health and that she has not received any visitor in her house since that crisis saying: “Please, enough rumors .. I hope you will not publish rumors and lies. I have not held any parties, neither I nor my husband, businessman Muhammad Halawa, and no one has entered our house in my health and I thank God,” via her account on Instagram.

Reham Hajjaj and Karim Al-Qasim

Reham Hajjaj

After the artist “Karim Kassem” was infected with the Corona virus, it caused fabrication of the accusation of Reham Hajjaj that she was the reason that the artist was infected with this disease, because she performed a party at her home to celebrate the success of the series “We Were Young” in the month of Ramadan 2020 and Karim Kassem was playing with her friend’s role. Wael ”in the series that dies during the drama.

While “Karim Kassem” made some clarifications in the video, which he published in his personal account on Instagram and indicated in his speech that he had this disease after he finished filming the series and that he does not yet know the source of his infection, and he did not know that he was infected with the Corona virus at first, But when the symptoms of the disease started to appear from a rise in body temperature, headache and a feeling of broken bone, he started to haunt him until the symptoms began to fade gradually and today announced that he had fully recovered from the virus after undergoing the last smear.


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