Report – Ashour ends the 16-year career with Al-Ahly in 10 minutes



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Friday 5 June 2020 – 3:33 PM
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Friday 5 June 2020 – 3:49 PM

Hosam Ashour, Al-Ahly club leader, came to an unexpected end to his career in the Red Castle, after a retreat from the decision to retire and another decision to transfer him to another team, after a crisis arose between him and the club management.

Ashour is the most player like Al-Ahly Club in history, as his number of participation with the first team in red exceeded 514 games in various competitions.

In digital terms, Hossam Ashour is one of the most prominent players in the history of Egyptian football and the Middle East, where his name is included in the list of the most successful players in the world.

Hussam Ashour made his debut in Al-Ahly first team in 2004 when Manuel Jose escalated him from the junior team, after which the player began forming a bus career that made him a cornerstone in forming the team and achieving the achievements.

At the local level, Al-Ahly captain participated in 285 games in the league competition, 36 games in the Egyptian Cup championship, and 11 matches in the local super.

On the continental level, Hossam Ashour participated in 11 Club World Cup matches, 5 meetings in the Arab Championship, 132 African Champions League, 18 meetings in the African Confederation, and 6 in the African Super.

Ashour scored during his long career with Al-Ahly 3 goals they were all in the league competition, in addition to crowning him in the league year 12 times, and the Egypt Cup 3 times, and the local super 8 times.

In the continental championships, Hossam Ashour won the CAF Champions League 5 times, the same in the African Super Cup and the Confederation Cup once, and the bronze of the Club World Cup in 2006.

After all these achievements and countless numbers for 16 years in the first team in Al Ahly, unlike the progression in the ranks of the juniors, Hossam Ashour received his first sentence in the red, after a march in which everyone witnessed his commitment to and compliance with the club’s regulations and laws.

Hosam Ashour came out in a video that is his first on social media and has a duration of about 9 minutes to implicitly attack the management of Al-Ahly Club, calling for the need to end its position regarding the establishment of a retirement match for him, so that Syed Abdul Hafeez decides to impose a financial penalty on him as well as raise his statements to the Planning Committee that It ruled to cancel all privileges granted to him.

Hossam Ashour was not satisfied with that, as he published a video clip that lasted only about 45 seconds, announcing in a sharp tone his retreat from the decision to retire and thanking the Turkish Al-Sheikh, owner of the Spanish club Almeria, whose name was removed from the honorary list of Al-Ahly after his repeated statements in attacking the administration The club.

Hossam Ashour’s recent statements, which totaled only 10 minutes and entered into a clash with the administration, were not thanked, whether she or her predecessor, as well as not to thank the masses; A fierce attack from a wide cross section of Al Ahly fans who had hoped that its leader would finish his career in an ideal way as it had been for 16 years.


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