Reuters: The European Union is negotiating a vaccination against Johnson and Johnson



Reuters, quoting its sources, revealed that the European Commission is in preliminary negotiations with the American “Johnson & Johnson” company about the possibility of purchasing a experimental vaccine it develops to prevent corona virus.

These negotiations are the first of their kind on the part of the European Union executive authority since they obtained authorization from the bloc’s governments to use emergency fund funds totaling more than two billion euros to conclude deals with 6 vaccine producers against the Corona virus.

A senior health official in one of the countries of the Union confirmed to “Reuters” that a supposed agreement between the European Union and “Johnson & Johnson” is still “under preparation”.

Another union source said the commission had phoned “Johnson & Johnson” last Tuesday about the possible agreement.

For its part, the company responded to a request for clarification from the agency, saying that it is already involved in discussions with several governments and international organizations in the context of its efforts to develop a vaccine against “Covid-19”, and refused to provide more details on the matter.

Johnson & Johnson plans to begin clinical trials in humans for the vaccine in the second half of next July.

Last week, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands announced that they had obtained 400 million doses of a candidate vaccine made by the British drug company AstraZeneca, which it is developing in cooperation with the University of Oxford.

The agency said that the European Union is also seeking to conclude a deal on the vaccine with the French company “Sanofi” for the manufacture of medicines and vaccines.

Source: Reuters


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