Sa`fan al-Saghir: a quadruple tournament in Morocco to determine the Arab champion ..


Sa`fan al-Saghir, the Ismaili club goalkeeper coach, confirmed that he had received information that the Arab Union is in the process of setting up a quadrilateral session to determine the champion of the Mohammed VI Cup for the Champions Clubs, “Arab Championship.” “Get the information that you will be in a four-way tournament in Morocco between the Ismaili and the Moroccan hope, the people of Jeddah and the Jeddah Union to determine the winner of the Arab Championship“.

Sa`fan Al-Sagheer added, “Entrance to Ismaili 90 days ago, since the league stopped, and I am still communicating with the guards via WhatsApp and spending my time in the kitchen with my help and picking molokhia and I make rice and sometimes his liver and Alexandrian sausage so I unfortunately cook a primo, but unfortunately I eat fish 7 days a week from the cutter of my passion.“.

On the need for Al-Ismaili to sign a goalkeeper, Safan Al-Saghir said, “I still believe in my opinion, the Ismaili does not need a goalkeeper. I have 5 good guards, and this saw the entire technical staff. I don’t know Sabri Al-Minyawi, the ball manager changed his mind for him after a walk, but his opinion is respected, and I told the officials in the club all The guards in Egypt resemble some, with the exception of Ahmed, Muhammad al-Shennawi, Muhammad Abu Jabal, and al-Mahdi Suleiman “.

On his opinion on the return of Muhammad Awad, the keeper of Zamalek to Ismaili, Safan Al-Saghir said, “Ismaili do not sell Safan al-Saghir, Ismaili has a board of directors who says his opinion, and I know the brain of Awad.“.

On the struggle of the Pyramids guards after the joining of Sharif Ikrami, the Ismaili Guards coach said, “There is a great pressure on the club that all of these guards are present, and I expect Al-Mahdi Suleiman to win by guarding the Pyramids goal and the departure of Ahmed El Shenawy from the team.“.

On his opinion on the return of the league, Sa`fan Al-Saghir said, “I am against the return of the league. I support the cancellation of the competition. 90 days have stopped for a long time. We must focus on the Arab championship and prepare for the new season.”“.

Earlier, Safan Al-Saghir, the Ismaili club goalkeeper coach, confirmed that Ahmed El Shennawy, the Pyramids goalkeeper, was the best goalkeeper he trained in his football career, but he fell short against himself a lot..

Sa`fan Al-Saghir said in a phone interview with “One to Two” program with the star Hazem Imam on Radio On Sport, “Ahmed El-Shennawy is the best goalkeeper who trained him in my life, but he fell short against himself a lot. On the ball, so he makes mistakes naive

Sa`fan Al-Saghir added, “The goalkeeper must be a footballer for Koues Koueis. In Egypt, there are no guards for Koura player except for the duo Mohamed Abdel Monsef, goalkeeper of the Tigris Valley and Sharif Ekrami, Al Ahly goalkeeper.

And about his previous statement about guards Ismaili Safan Al-Sagheer said, “I said before that Muhammad Magdi is a talented goalkeeper, while Muhammad Fawzi is a made-up goalkeeper, but he can offer great matches even if he returns after a long period of absence, and Fawzi Mazalash is from me because all the guards know that I am frank and dogged. “.

And on the authority of Baher Al-Muhammadi, Captain of Ismaili, Safan Al-Saghir says, “Baher Al-Muhammadi wants to walk from the club but he is professional in his righteousness in Egypt, and we are to agree to his departure. We have to provide the alternative, and the alternative of Muhammadi I want much money

On the contracting of Mohamed Awad, the Ismaili Guards coach said, “We have a club president who says who will come to the club and who walks, every day hearing about negotiations with guards, but Ismailis do not need new guards, but the public must be patient with the guards present.“.


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