Saleh Jumaa owns two offers from Hungary and Portugal +3 local offers to leave Al Ahly


A source inside Al-Ahly Club confirmed that Saleh Jumaa is a midfielder who currently has two offers, one from the Portuguese league and the other from the Hungarian league, unlike the international playmaker’s possession of 3 local offers. He will be on loan, not the final sale, of the planning committee’s desire to keep the player while there are still attempts to remove the residue of the dispute between Saleh Juma and Feiler, who has been confirmed to continue to be the technical leadership of the team in the new season.

He vowed Saleh Juma By regaining his usual level before the return of the sporting activity, Saleh Jumaa has been carrying out strenuous physical training on the sidelines of his team’s training on a daily basis since its launch last Wednesday after a period of 100 days of suspension due to the Corona pandemic. The Red team playmaker was keen to go through daily exercises throughout the last period to maintain its weight and restore its physical and technical form, hoping to restore the confidence of the Swiss coach, Rene Weiler..

Al-Ahly Planning Committee rejects the departure of Saleh Jumah in light of his complete mask of the international and technical capabilities of the international playmaker, and he will represent a big addition if he returns to the accounts again..

Saleh Jumaa attends his club’s headquarters at eleven o’clock in the morning every day, that is, after the end of the first and second group training exercises in the club..

The training of the first group starts at eight thirty in the morning every day, then followed by the practice of the second group, according to the program prepared by the technical staff led by the Swiss Rene Fyler, and the training focused in the current period on the physical side.


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