Samsung hits its fans by denying them an important advantage in Galaxy Fold 2


Samsung shocked its fans by denying them the advantage ...

Source: Amr Al-Zanati – Toss News

I was shocked Samsung Corporation South Korean lovers and fans of its products, especially collapsible, have long-awaited news and confirmation, but this time it’s not good.

The “Samsung Mobil” technical website stated that the company will not support the famous Samsung S Pen with its next foldable device, the Galaxy Fold 2.

Many people think that such a device will be more useful and will open more fields of work and production with the famous Samsung pen that comes exclusively with the NOTE series so far.

2020-06-20190907_113659-1280x720 According to the site, it is now somewhat confirmed that the device will not come with an S Pen, explaining at the same time that “Samsung” is already working on it, but decided not to support the pen in the Galaxy Fold 2 due to durability concerns.

The company has been developing folding smart phone digitizers for more than a year in cooperation with the printed circuit board specialists at South Korea.

It is known that the digital converter is what allows the screen to recognize the inputs from the pen, and it is placed under the display panel and without it the S Pen will not work on the device.


Company sources revealed that the durability standards of its foldable phones did not match the idea of ​​placing the pen, as the phone should be able to withstand at least 200,000 open and folded movements, without any problems.

But it seems that the matter with the pen was not so simple, as the durability rate deteriorates after 100,000 times, which means that it cannot meet the Samsung durability standard if the pen is placed.

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