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Saudi Arabia, the Arab world, topped the list as the best place to live Women, In an unprecedented achievement for the Gulf country, which has taken many steps over the past few years to enhance the position of women in it.

The new classification, issued by the American magazine “CEOWORLD”, relies on the elements of equal rights, social inclusion and a sense of safety for women, which are included in a series of laws and laws enacted in Riyadh during the past three years.

While the Scandinavian countries topped the classification, as Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway ranked first, Saudi Arabia, which ranked 89th on the list, ranked first among all Arab countries in the magazine ranking, which consistently issues similar lists, while the Sultanate of Oman ranked second in the Arab world And 91 worldwide.

The magazine based its classification on a survey of about 256 thousand women in 156 countries around the world, and it relied on nine elements to measure the lives of women in their countries, including gender equality, and the percentage of legislative seats occupied by women.

Elements of the study also included feeling safe (females aged 15 and over who feel safe while walking alone at night), income and equality, attention to human rights, women’s empowerment, and average years of education among women, women ages 25 and over who participate in Remunerated work, and the integration of women into society.

The new classification culminates in a concerted government effort taken by the leaders of Riyadh in the past period to enable women to work, study and public life after restrictions that have been in effect for decades, and were based on conservative interpretations of Islamic law that Riyadh has abandoned in favor of common interpretations followed in most of the countries of the Islamic world.

The classification came in conjunction with the second anniversary of allowing women to drive cars in the Kingdom for the first time in the country’s history, which is among other legislations that women are able to obtain passports and leave the country without the consent of their male relatives as was in the past.


The many changes in the life of the Kingdom’s women included allowing them to enter football fields and encouraging their favorite clubs, and attending the artistic, entertainment and cultural events that crowded the major cities of the Kingdom after an unprecedented openness to the world.

The judicial and justice system also witnessed amendments in favor of women, and the restrictions on their clothing in public places were relaxed, while the largest Gulf country gradually transformed into a global destination for the world’s major artists, stars and athletes in conjunction with the start of receiving tourists from different countries of the world for the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia.

And increased Saudi Of the number of women who hold high government positions, while the government’s plans focus on reducing the unemployment rate among young women, which exceeds significantly the proportion of young men, by facilitating women’s work in the private sector.

“CEOWORLD” says that no country in the world is 100% safe for women who enjoy the freedom to live next to men on an equal footing, as there is a global pattern of discrimination and crime against women, but some countries are better than others when it comes to equal rights and inclusion Social and a sense of security.

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