Saudi Environment Minister: The Kingdom has overcome Coronas challenge


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The Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli affirmed that the Kingdom has overcome the challenge of the Corona pandemic and its severe impact on the food supply chains in the world through the strength and durability of its food and agricultural security.

He also clarified in a statement on Monday that the kingdom today has the largest storage capacity in the Middle East for wheat and flour with more than 3.3 million tons, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

In addition, he said that the food security strategy in the Kingdom succeeded in overcoming the disturbance in the supply chains that affected the food supply globally, while most of the countries of the world suffered from the impact of the food supply chains in them.

He pointed out that the Kingdom presented a wonderful model in implementing the food security strategy, cooperation with the private sector, and responsible consumption from sales outlets, noting that this came as a result of institutional work that the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture started more than 4 years ago, and reaped its fruits during the current crisis.

Vision 2030

He stressed that the agricultural sector and its workers give adult care and attention through the continuous support that the sector receives, and through the adoption of food security strategies launched from the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, which, thank God, contributed to enhancing food security with appropriate quality and price, during the Corona pandemic.

He also added: “Despite the severity of the Corona crisis and its severe impact on the food supply chains in the world, the Kingdom has surpassed this through the strength and durability of its food and agricultural security, which enabled it to overcome the crisis.” And precautions came as a result of a pre-emptive action planned with all government sectors that began more than 4 years ago.

Abundant food supply

In addition, he indicated that the abundance of high-quality food and agricultural supplies during the crisis days showed the success of this strategy and consumer confidence in the abundance of supplies throughout the crisis periods, especially in times of curfew.

The Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture pointed out that the Ministry’s efforts to exploit the comparative advantage of each region of the Kingdom in terms of climate and abundance of water, and support for agricultural technologies, contributed to achieving the agricultural sector high production and growth rates, and the size of the agricultural GDP of the Kingdom reached 61.4 billion riyals, equivalent to 4 % Of the non-oil GDP at constant prices, confirming that this growth in production and achieving high levels of sufficiency in many agricultural products, accompanied by an increase in the quality of agricultural products, and a reduction in the use of groundwater for agricultural purposes amounted to more than 10 billion cubic meters during 2019, indicating That the Kingdom has advanced in the Global Food Security Index (GFSI) to 30th out of 113 countries, two places higher than its previous rank.

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