Saudi Health: 3 factors that determine recovery from Corona – One World – Arabs


The spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, announced several factors to judge the recovery of the person infected with the Coronavirus, and said, during the press conference on the developments of the Corona virus today, Tuesday, that the recovery depends on several factors; Including: (the state of symptoms and their disappearance, the duration of the disease, and the decision of the attending physician).

According to the Urgent newspaper, the Ministry of Health spokesperson mentioned that some believe that the smear and examination procedure is the ruling for recovery, indicating that the person may recover and there are remnants of the virus that are inactive that do not cause disease and infection, and here the ruling on recovery is by the attending physician, noting that these Residues may appear in the tests for weeks until they disappear completely from the body.

In addition, the Ministry of Health revealed, today, Tuesday, that there were 4387 new infections recorded in the newly created Corona virus (Covid-19) in the Kingdom. This brings the total casualties to 190,823, while today the number of recoveries reached 3,648. This brings the total to 130,766, and the total number of deaths due to the virus has reached 1,649 cases, after 50 cases were recorded.



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