Schubert: Saleh Al-Wahsh is acquitted of the courtesy of Al-Ahly in Al-Qarn Club and waited for the word judiciary


The media, Ahmed Schubert, the Al-Ahly club goalkeeper and the former Egypt national team, confirmed that the late Abdo Saleh Al-Wahsh was completely innocent of courtesy of the Red Castle in the Coronation Club’s Prize Prize, and Schubert said on his radio program via On Sport, “The Century Club movie with twenty years of gossip, and that happens with a movie Weird, wondrous, and totally incomprehensible. I understand that Zamalek will resort to the judiciary, and this is its right. We hope that the word judiciary remains, and we will say to it by hearing and obedience. ”

Schubert added, “The Zamalek Channel hosted Dr. Fekken Gezmjian, former Director of Public Relations of the African Union, who left his position 25 years ago, and he is right from respected personalities and he has the right to be proud of being Zamalkawi.

The former Al-Ahly goalkeeper continued, “But I assure his servant Saleh Al-Wahsh throughout his life, he was not afraid of names and only knows neutrality and does not know the path of courtesies with Al-Ahly or others. He was a technical manager for the Egyptian team at a time when the door of the Pharaohs was open to all club players and the weakest representation was from Al-Ahly then Zamalek, with the testimony of everyone, was giving all the brilliant clubs in their clubs their natural place away from any compliments.

Schubert added, “I wish we close the story and exclude the last word from the judiciary, as it is the final say in every conflict“.

Earlier, Dr. Fekken Gizmegian, former director of public relations for the African Union, confirmed that he was not involved in setting the criteria for choosing the Century Club in Africa, noting that Mustafa Murad Fahmy, the former secretary of the federation, was the one who set the criteria and set the system for points for clubs in Africa after Abdou Saleh Al-Wahsh, former technical director of the Confederation of African Football, consulted, stressing that Mustafa Mourad Fahmy cannot do anything without the approval of Issa Hayatou, the CAF chief or the CAF executive director at the time.

“My role was only a media organization and I did not interfere in the issue of points or others,” Dr. Fiken Gezmijian said in statements on the Zamalek channel, noting that the clubs were not notified of the classification of the African Union to choose the Century Club, and the former director of public relations of the African Football Confederation added that Zamalek He is excused for not objecting to the system established by the Confederation of African Football regarding the title of the Club of the Horn of Africa because it was not notified of the system at all..

Fiken clarified, only three parties have chosen the title of the century, and they are the International Union for History and Statistics, FIFA and CAF, stressing that the European Union refused to choose the Century Club. .

“When FIFA decided to choose the Century Club in the world by resorting to voting after long discussions due to differences in opinions about the system,” he added, adding, “The International Federation for History and Statistics chose Zamalek Club Century and a month later they developed a new system and chose the Ghanaian Kotoko team“.


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