Scientists: Corona virus changes very slowly, making it easier to reach the vaccine


Scientists have uncovered that the SK virus is changing very slowly, and there have been few changes since it first appeared, which makes it easy to reach the vaccine for the virus.

Corona vaccination
Corona vaccination

The newspaper explained “The Sun“The British said that a vaccine had not yet been developed for the Coronavirus, but not changing it would make it easier for those trying to come up with an effective vaccine for the virus.

Molecular biologists said that work on vaccines with one strain “is more evident than the rapidly changing virus. So far in the UK, the Corona virus has killed more than 41,000 people, and globally it has killed more than 408,000 people, and governments have introduced all Over the world there are strict closures, some of which are now being mitigated due to lower cases.

Professor Winston Tim, Professor at Medical Express, said: “It will not be possible for us to really be able to return to normalcy until we have a vaccine..

Corona virus does not change
Corona virus does not change

While Stuart Ray, who leads the efforts in viral genomics in Hopkins with Professor Tempe, said: “The low rate of mutation of the virus means that a successful vaccine can be produced, adding that this could boost efforts to develop potential treatments for the disease.”.

And he said, samples proved Corona VirusCovid-19 The researchers examined it are globally similar, adding that the genetic changes that occur do not lead to different strains of the virus.

He added that the vaccine needs to count changes and mutations in order to protect people.

He emphasized that natural influenza changed in a short period of time, but he said this was the opposite of the Coruna virus Covid-19, Explaining that it is slowly changing, and because there is no immunity to the virus, it has no evolutionary pressure to change as it spreads to the population..

The virus will be “less aggressive”


Scientists say that no change in the Corona virus Covid-19It means that if a vaccine is made, there is no reason why it will not be effective everywhere.

They added that the vaccine that prevents the ability of the “Covid 19” coronavirus to infect the cell will be very effective, and that the virus will not be able to generate an active infection, and therefore will not be able to spread the disease.

Scientists confirmed that there were fewer than 24 mutations in the Corona virus samples they are studying from China, and they said this means that the vaccine will work against all of them, and with a stable virus such as the Corona virus Covid-19 , The injury again would be “less likely” and “less aggressive”.


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