Scientists discover the shape of the feet of dinosaurs that lived 190 million years ago … photos


According to the website “Sputnik”, Chinese paleontologists examined the paths located on two surfaces of “quartz” sandstone, which was considered one of the best preserved species in Asia, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The team was able to identify the dinosaurs that were behind these discovered editions of the early Jurassic period and dubbed “Kayentapus”, the three-toed “dinosaur” Theropod.

The category includes “Theropods”, the notorious “Rex” dinosaurs, which are predatory dinosaurs characterized by their hollow bones and triple limbs.

According to a report by the Chongqing Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, it is possible that these foot paths belong to Dinosaur Sinosaurus.

The Sinosaurus dinosaur is a carnivore, with a height of approximately 18 feet (5.6 meters), with a weight of approximately half a ton.

The length of the sample found at the discovered site is about 17 feet (5.4 meters).

“When we arrived at the fossil site, we noticed through the strata that the paths were formed about 190 to 200 million years ago,” said the author of the research study, Fossil Scientist Dai Hui from Chongqing Laboratory for the Protection of Geological Heritage and Research. This was the most preserved remnant in Asia. ”


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