Separatists in southern Yemen seize 250 million dollars on their way to the central bank


South Yemen forces

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The Central Bank of Yemen announced that it had printed money in Russia and was intercepted by the Transitional Council gunmen as it was being transported to Aden

Southern secessionists in Yemen seized a container convoy carrying securities valued at about $ 250 million.

According to the central bank in Yemen, these funds were on their way to the bank in Aden when they were intercepted by “thieves”.

The Southern Transitional Council announced the self-administration of some areas of the south of the country, including Aden, last April.

The Central Bank of Yemen said in a statement that “forces loyal to the Southern Transitional Council seized the money containers upon their exit from the port. The bank warned of serious consequences.”

A government source said the container convoy was transferring banknotes printed in Russia to the central bank.

Another government source said that “the money was transferred to a military base” and described the operation as “piracy”.

The Transitional Council said in a statement that “this measure comes as part of a package of measures to dry up the sources of corruption and to avoid using public money to support terrorism and harm our people’s interests.”

The move is expected to affect peace between the Transitional Council and the government.

The government and the transitional council signed an agreement last year to end the power struggle in the south, but the two sides failed to implement the agreement on the ground.

The Transitional Council accuses the government of mismanagement and corruption.

The central bank did not reveal the size of the funds seized.

The war has wreaked havoc on the economy and caused a surge in inflation in Yemen, which suffers from what the United Nations describes as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

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