Shams Al-Baroudi reveals her will


Mu’tazil, the Egyptian artist, Shams Al Baroudi, denied the news about her return to acting again in a series that tells her autobiography.In a statement to the newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, in response to what was recently circulated that she could return to acting in the case of embodying her autobiography by embodying the current part of her family life with her family and children, such as the Turkish series that exceeds 300 episodes – that this talk is a joke , Confirming that she will never act again.

And she said: “I don’t know how to act again and amazed when I see my husband Hassan Youssef and my son Omar look like I am surprised when I see myself a while and I am similar, because I forgot to act.”

Al-Baroudi continued: “I consider acting a kind of mastery of lying, and this is not an act of defamation or a challenge to acting. Our master Joseph lied to his brothers to teach them, when he said that the king’s robbers were stolen. With my worships and my family ”

On the embodiment of her biography, she said: “I do not accept that anyone embody the story of my life, and I recommended my children to sue anyone who commits this work, but I can agree that my biography will be embodied only with my voice and with pictures of my life and my family in documentaries.”

Al-Baroudi said that she recently discovered that her daughter Nariman, who is currently working in London, loves to act and plays with amateur teams some Shakespearean plays, stressing that her daughter is the only one who can embody her character if she agrees to that.

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