Shawqi Gharib: The League’s resumption is not negotiable


Olympic team coach Shawky Gharib stated that the resumption of the current season 2019-2020 was not under discussion during the Football Association meeting with the coaches of the teams, saying that the end of next season will be next June 25.

Shawky Gharib said in his statements to the satellite channel “On Time Sports 2”: “The conversation did not touch on the possibility of the league resuming or not, so completing the league was a final decision and everything that was discussed related to the needs of the national teams from stops and preparation periods.”

He continued: “We agree with the coaches of the clubs about their vision regarding the teams’ need for six weeks of preparation, and not to pressure things at the beginning of the resumption of matches and deal with the matter gradually … There was agreement among all the points raised by the club coaches regarding the resumption of activity.”

He added: “We agreed not to establish any camps in the month of September in order to continue the league matches naturally without any interruption, but the conversation was tentative until the African Union announced its position next Tuesday.”

He continued: “From here to March 2022, the first team will play 4 matches in Africa and 6 in the World Cup qualifiers. In the event that the African Championship is postponed, the international matches agenda for October and November can be used for a number of these matches.”

He concluded, “The Olympic team’s plan is more clear than the first team, as we will play friendly matches in the international stoppage periods until June 25, the deadline for the end of next season, where we will then go through the preparation period for the Olympics in July.”

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