Shock to the lovers of the iPhone 11 series after the emergence of a serious technical defect and Apple remains silent


Today, international technical websites circulated news considered shocking to fans of the iPhone 11 series, which is the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone X and the iPhone XS, and that news was the discovery of a serious technical defect in a large number of those The phones are a strange “green light” after the phone was unlocked, and this defect was called the “green tent”.

With the commitment of Apple, the manufacturer of the iPhone 11 series, to keep silent and not issue an official statement now that explains the cause of the defect and how to avoid it, a number of users of the iPhone 11 series of phones confirmed that the green color appears only when their iPhone phones are in the dark or night mode, or if they are in Dark room, and some users of the series added that this defect had appeared specifically and was discovered after they downloaded the operating system update “iOS 13.4” and others said that the defect had appeared after upgrading to the operating system “iOS 13.5”.

On the technical side, in a comment on discovering the defect of the “green tent”, the specialized technical website “Engadget” said that a large number of users of the iPhone 11 series have discovered the emergence of this serious technical defect, which is the appearance of a strange green dye on the iPhone’s screens for several seconds after Canceling the lock and that problem may disappear for a while and then return again, and the site added that the reason for the emergence of this phenomenon is still not clear until now and the Apple company that manufactured the phones has not issued an official statement explaining the reason for its appearance.

It is worth noting that this technical defect has also appeared among users of the Apple Series 4 LTE smart watch due to a software error, and that complaints from users were poured into the Apple Company Forum for technical support with the company’s commitment to silence so far as we mentioned, and reports and expectations indicate that a company Apple will work to launch a patch to address this software problem in the upcoming period; This is because it was confirmed that this technical defect is not due to the internal phone units, but due to the launch of the update for the operating system “iOS 13.4 ″ and operating system” iOS 13.5 ″.


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