Special Hani Adel talks about the success of “Les Lah” and advises the next one to come


01:33 PM

Friday 12 June 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist Hani Adel revealed the scenes of his cooperation with the family of “Les Lah”, and his advice to young people to join, after the personality he performed in the work exposed to an embarrassing position on the night of his marriage to “Alia” embodied by the actress Amina Khalil, her escape in front of the audience, during the events of The series currently on view VIP.

Adel said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”: “All the team work are very beautiful people, and they have a good understanding of what they do, and they are the most important need in the work. They are the personalities of the actors, the details of writing the characters from Professor Maryam Naoum, and the implementation and honest vision of Professor Maryam Abu Auf Praise be to God for the success of the work and the positive reaction of most people.

On his advice to young people after the stance of “high escape” in a night his book wrote on it: “There is no advice that can be taken in particular in relationships, and dialogue is the only need when you feel pure psychological comfort and feelings of love and details that make you feel that the one before you is understanding with you, and is understanding of your circumstances at all levels and sensitive Satisfied and knowing some good owe .. Start thinking about the passport .. Most of the passport problems happen when people get married and then they get to know each other, and the opposite is supposed.

The artist, Hani Adel, has expressed in previous statements to Masrawy, his happiness with the reactions he received about his role in the series “Les Lah,” saying: “The reactions, praise be to God, are very positive on the personality that I present and on the whole series, and the topic is new and influential, so that Thank God, people are interested in following its episodes.

He added: “I present a new character with new challenges and changes that have not been presented in the Egyptian drama from a great period.”

“Why not” addresses several issues, the most prominent of which is the difference between generations in thought, ethics and technology, in addition to touching on societal issues experienced by children and objected to by parents.

The series “Les Laa”, is presented on the platform of Shahid VIP, and the work is starring: Amina Khalil, Hani Adel, Sherine Reda, Omar Al-Saeed, Sidqi Sakhr, Maryam Al-Khasht, Hala Sidqi, Mohsen Mohy Al-Din, Omar Al-Shenawi.


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