Sports Minister: The beginning of the exercises is the first of July … and the return of sports activity with full force in August


Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed that the beginning of next July will witness the return of all sports teams to group and individual training in clubs and youth centers. Ashraf Sobhy said in statements to the OnTime Stadium program on the Ontime Sport channel presented by the journalist Ahmed Schubert that the period from 15 June Until the beginning of next July, you will witness the clubs preparing and clearing the covered stadiums and halls, and that all procedures will be announced on the following Saturday and Sunday.

Also confirmed Minister of Youth and Sports The decision includes gyms and all sports institutions within the framework of the state’s keenness on the youth to return to practicing sporting activity again, while Ashraf Sobhi confirmed that he expects the beginning of next August to be the appropriate date for the return of the full sports activity.

While Dr. Ashraf Sobaji, Minister of Youth and Sports, revealed the return of sporting activity in clubs and youth centers starting from June 15th, Ashraf Sobhi said in statements to the Ontime Stadium program on Ontime Sport channel that the activity will return to clubs and youth centers on June 15 and all measures will be taken Precaution and will be returned in accordance with the regulations and a special system, adding that June 15 will see the return of the clubs to open their doors for the return of employees and will be announced on the next Saturday and Sunday for all the full details of the return of activity and procedures, and the clubs should prepare to return, and that period will not witness the return of training for sports teams, but will witness preparation Clubs for facilities and gyms until June 30.


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