Strange advice from SRK for his teenage daughter about young


There is no doubt that the more famous the actor is in his community, The more he becomes influential, as a result of his overwhelming acceptance by people in addition to a huge fan base that qualified him to have this effect.Based on this rule; “Julwali” magazine, quoting the Indian newspaper “Times of India”, published some statements of the great movie star Shah Rukh Khan during a look during the promotion of one of his films, in which the veteran actor talked about his daughter Suhana and her desire to enter the art world, and also drew attention to the character Juliet who performed In the famous Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet” in Sussex.

During the meeting, SRK gave some unconventional advice to his daughter Suhana, regarding correct dating methods. Although he always shows pride and confidence in his daughter, at the same time, Khan is classified as a very conservative father. According to the report

Shah Rukh Khan played many romantic roles on the screen, “We can never forget how characters like” Rahul “and” Raj “were immortalized in films such as” Kush Kush Hota Hina “,” Del Toh Pagal Hein “and” Delwali Dulhania Loa Jaeng ” “And many others.

Despite SRK’s keenness to present the personality of the aspiring young man behind dating and pursuing them in every way in a number of his films, just like the character “Rahul”, but he warns Suhana – during the meeting – against dating any man named Rahul. In fact, he intended to distance himself from the young man who possessed Rahul’s morals.

Shah Rukh Khan also mentioned in his promotional meeting another piece of advice he addressed to his daughter as well as to the girls her age, stressing the need to keep away from men who are trying to get close and courtship strongly from them, especially in parties or youth gatherings.

The newspaper concluded the report by saying that the many roles Shah Rukh Khan played on the screen, in which he presented the character of the playboy who pursued his instincts only like “Rahul and Raj”, are not worthy of role models. It made the life of the girl he loved alive a living hell, and turned their lives into a nightmare.

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