Strongest vitamins and drinks .. a complete prescription for strengthening immunity to face corona


In light of an outbreak Corona Virus Eerily over the past few days and the increasing numbers of injured and dead; Everyone is afraid to move Corona virus infection Who needs strong immunity to fight any virus or microbe that attacks the body, and can be during the period of home quarantine Strengthening the body’s immunity By changing the diet, eating healthy vitamins Food and drinks that enhance immunity in a short time; To prevent coronavirus. How to strengthen your immunity during the period of home quarantine?

There are many natural, easy-to-prepare drinks that help boost immunity, including:

1- Warm water with a spoonful of white honey and lemon juice, preferably on an empty stomach.

2-Tomato juice

It is cheap and easy to prepare and has an enormous potential to strengthen the immune systemCup contains juice tomatoes On lycopene, which is the secret of drinking benefit tomatoes, As it works Likopene is a powerful antioxidant, and it also promotes Immunity Effectively and quickly if taken on a daily basis, whether for adults or children suffering from anemia.

4- Green teaResearch has proven to be rich in antioxidants that protect the body from disease and increase immune system resistance.

4- Hot turmericIt is one of the spices that have an immense ability to raise the immune system. Here’s how to make a hot turmeric drink:

In a bowl, add the milk to the fire, then add Turmeric

Add ginger, cloves and cardamom

After boiling, remove the pan from the heat and strain it

Add white honey to the sweetener

It is eaten daily for adults and children

5- Kiwi juice with lemon and mint, Which is a huge mixture to raise the efficiency of the immune system and strengthen it within a short period, especially since kiwi contains a high percentage of vitamin C.


Among the supplements the body needs to strengthen immunity, Omega 3, vitamin B, iron tablets, zinc tablets, and vitamin C such as effervescent tablets, as well as various forms of vitamin D which have been shown to have an effective role in strengthening the immune system to counter the Corona virus.

During the period of home stone, you should eat more fruits as much as possible, as they all contain different elements of minerals and vitamins, and among the best fruits to strengthen immunity:





the banana






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