Sudan: Al-Bashir was paid $ 20 million a month


10:01 am

Wednesday 10 June 2020


The Commission to Eliminate Empowerment, Fight Corruption, and Recover Funds in Sudan revealed that the dismissed President Omar al-Bashir was receiving a “monthly prose” of $ 20 million.

The alternate chair of the committee and member of the Sovereign Council, Muhammad al-Faki Suleiman, said that the committee placed its hand on a personal account in the name of al-Bashir bearing the number 2616 Omdurman National Bank, in which he supplied $ 20 million a month as a “petty cash” for him even after the secession of the south.

He added during a press conference held at the Republican Palace on Tuesday evening, that the amount of petty cash has subsequently decreased gradually to reach $ 8 million and then to $ 3 million, and it remained until al-Bashir was removed in April 2019.

Meanwhile, the committee announced that it had frozen a bank account of Bashir in which he deposited millions of dollars every month, closed 5 exchange offices that were financing his system, and dismissed dozens of public officials belonging to his regime, Reuters reported.

Muhammad al-Hassan al-Amin, a lawyer for al-Bashir, said he was unaware of account details and alleged bank transactions and warned against pursuing “political justice” against al-Bashir.

This committee oversees investigations of crimes involving public funds and corruption committed by the isolated Sudanese president, his family members, and officials of his regime.

Last December, a Sudanese court sentenced Al-Bashir to his first two years in prison on corruption charges.

Al-Bashir also faces trials and investigations into the killing of protesters and his role in the 1989 coup that brought him to power.

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