Sudanese Minister of Irrigation: We are considering submitting a letter to the Security Council to clarify its position regarding the Renaissance Dam


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Sudanese Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Yasser Abbas, said on Wednesday that his country is considering studying a letter to the Security Council to clarify its position on the Renaissance Dam, according to the site «Sky News Arabia», and added that Khartoum expects to continue negotiations at any moment.

“Abbas” revealed that the suspension of negotiations on the Renaissance Dam on June 17 was due to consultations at the level of heads of state.

The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation pointed out that the Hamdock initiative is the most appropriate framework for resolving the differences over the Renaissance Dam, stressing that Hamdock is in constant contact with Egypt and Ethiopia and observers on the negotiations for the Renaissance Dam.

Abbas added that Sudan requires the signing of an agreement before the start of filling the Renaissance Dam, and that returning to negotiate the Renaissance Dam requires political will to resolve controversial issues, which requires political will.

Abbas had recognized, on Tuesday, the possibility of damages related to the unsafe operation of the Sudanese reservoirs in the absence of coordination and exchange of data with the Ethiopian side on the Renaissance Dam.

The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation reaffirmed the importance of reaching a legally binding agreement on the issue of filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, adding: “The potential positive effects of the Renaissance Dam on Sudan can turn into risks if the parties do not agree on the first filling and operation of the dam.”

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