Sufficiency, lies and fake false championships .. Schubert attacks Abu Raida because of FIFA’s support


Ahmed Shoubir, former Vice President of the Egyptian Football Association, attacked Hani Aburaida, a member of the Executive Bureau of the International and African Confederations, after Aburaida announced that FIFA would support the Egyptian Federation with an amount of one million dollars to resume the activity.

Schubert said on Twitter: “The adequacy of falsehood and falsehood of false leagues,” accompanied by a statement confirming that FIFA decided to give each local federation a million dollars.

Aburaida had confirmed in an official statement that it requested the support of African federations in light of the emerging Corona pandemic, including the Egyptian Federation.

Aburaida announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Football Association, and Schubert confirmed his intention to run in the elections scheduled for this year.


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