Super Koura reveals the truth about the injury of the grandson of Al-Khatib in Corona


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, head of Al-Ahly club, entered a bad psychological state during the past days, which disrupted many things inside the Red Castle, and caused the crisis of Hossam Ashour, the leader of Al-Ahly club, who expressed his anger at being late in his retirement match file.

Super Koura learned that the secret of Al-Khatib’s grief was the illness of his grandson while he was with him on the northern coast, which was taken to the hospital to advise doctors to inject him with cortisone, which raised al-Khatib’s concern, and he did not agree to it so that the matter does not affect the health of his grandson.

Al-Ahly officials confirmed that Al-Khatib’s grandson did not suffer from the Corona virus as it was reported, revealing that he had been exposed to a normal health problem and his condition had improved greatly in the last hours. Indeed, Al-Khatib started his activities naturally and began to chair the board meeting today.


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