Super Koura reveals the value and duration of the Babylon contract, the upcoming Zamalek deal


A source close to the Angolan Ari Babel, the first Angolan wing, revealed the details of the transfer of the brown star to Zamalek Club, in a free transfer deal after the end of his contract with the Angolan team.

For more details via Super Kora Press here..

And Angolan press reports revealed in February that the Zamalek club showed interest in the player I see Babylon, after he appeared distinctively against Al-Abyad in the group stage of the African Champions League, and drew the attention of Patrice Carteron, the technical manager of the team and beats the 26-year-old Babylon in the center of the wing and the second striker He has a good career with the first of August and has had several professional experiences in Portugal since 2017 and the last one in Sporting Lisbon, from which he returned to his Angolan club.

Saw the past hours, revealed Mourtada Mansour President of Zamalek for his club’s signature of heavy-caliber players during the current period, thanking Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a member of the club’s board of directors, and Amir Mortada Mansour, General Supervisor of the ball, to end the deal in silence, and Mortada Mansour confirmed in statements to the Zamalek program for Zamalek , That the players are very special and will be a surprise to the fans of Zamalek, indicating that the official announcement will be made in due course.

Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, had denied reports that the club’s land in 6th of October City had been withdrawn, and the white president stressed that the land is still designated for Zamalek, and a company was contracted to build the stadium, social club and sports city, and they made the necessary inspection and Work on it starts from next week, Murtada Mansour said, in statements to the official website of the Zamalek Club, that what was reported is pure slander and lies, indicating that the club will take all legal measures against the promoter of this rumor to be a lesson to those who are considered.

Ahmed Murtada Mansour, a member of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, had revealed the session that he had gathered with the executing company to establish the club in 6th of October City, including the Zamalek Stadium, indicating that the executing company has great experience in building stadiums, and they were the ones who prepared the African Championship stadiums The last hosted by Egypt during the last period.


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