Swimsuits, lining, and in El Gouna … bold looks by Rania Youssef


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Actress Rania Youssef

New photos published by the artist Rania Youssef, aroused controversy and several criticisms, as she appeared wearing “swimsuits” on a beach, because of her talk about adhering to the home quarantine to prevent the new Corona virus, but she broke the stone and went to the beaches.

Rania Youssef’s photos were not the first to arouse controversy and criticism, as she appeared before on various occasions.

– Black open dress

A new photo session for the artist Rania Youssef, which her followers participated in through her official account on the Instagram photo and video sharing application.

And published “Rania” pictures that showed her wearing a long black dress, open from the chest area, as it came without shoulders, and the artist Rania Youssef put “Barnita”, and left her hair drop.

– A laser dress

In a bold, dark dress, Rania Youssef drew attention at the opening ceremony of the ninth session of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, in the presence of many artists and media professionals.

The artist appeared in a black dress, “One Shoulders”, known as “the laser dress”, which was characterized by being short and exposed chest, and without patterns, as well as holding a loose dark color jacket.

– Dress lining

It is considered one of the most dresses that has caused controversy and criticism about the artist Rania Youssef, especially after her statements about “Al Batinah” that rose during the closing ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival in its 40th session.

The dress was black, had a completely transparent pocket, and her body showed what had been widely criticized.

El Gouna Festival Dress

At the opening of the El Gouna Festival in its third session, the artist Rania Youssef raised the controversy again by wearing a bold oil dress, open from the chest, long and with a “Hollywood” hole.

Rania Youssef defended herself, saying, “I do not know why people have spoken to my dress on the social media … focusing on me, Ziadeh and not knowing the reason.”

She added to a reporter on one of the Arab channels: “I was dressed in a nice, cute and attractive dress and a classic. I am dying to laugh at myself, and my daughters, when they see what they say, laugh.”

The dress

During a bold photosation she underwent Rania Youssef, she wore a dress of the most beautiful color, around which she caused controversy, especially with her on a swing.


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