Tanta announces the total Corona injuries in the team .. know it


Ayman Al-Muzain, Technical Director of the first football team in Tanta Club, announced the appearance of the results of the second medical survey conducted by the technical and administrative apparatus, which demonstrated the emergence of new cases of coronavirus, bringing the number of cases infected to the team so far to 7 cases.

Al-Muzayen added, in his statements to the program “Al-Thalatah audience” via the “OnTime 2” screen, that the number of cases infected with Corona in the Tanta team reached 7 with 4 players, including 3 from the main body, and 3 from the technical staff, noting that they did not show symptoms despite The second swab proved to be injured.

The technical director continued his speech, noting that the fate of the team’s training was not determined after the result of that result, and he continued, that the board of directors will be referred to to take the appropriate decision, whether to complete the training or stop it.

He was an official source of a club Tanta Revealed the progress of Alaa Okasha, director of football in the football team, by resigning from his position to the club’s board of directors headed by Fayez Arabi after the appearance of the result of the first survey that revealed the presence of 5 positive cases of Corona virus, fearing for his life and his family, as part of the preparations for the return of sports activity and the resumption of the Egyptian league matches this season. .

The medical committee of the Tanta Club, headed by Tarek El-Maadawy, decided to isolate the 5 injured from the football team in Corona, at home, while providing a treatment protocol by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and following up cases daily until recovery.


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