Tara Imad looks like rare footage from Inaam Salousas wedding


Social media activists shared rare photos of the Egyptian artist, Enaam Salousa, from her wedding ceremony to the director, Samir El-Asfouri.Her followers were dazzled by her beauty and her elegance with a short, soft wedding dress and she put the wedding veil on her hair, and was unconcerned in applying makeup.

The audience likened her to the artist, Tara Emad, with her quiet yet unchanging features.

Tara Imad

It is noteworthy that Inam Salousa was born on September 9, 1939, in Damietta Governorate, north of the Delta, and was an artist since her childhood. She played the “accordion” instrument at the secondary stage, and when she joined the Faculty of Arts at Ain Shams University, she realized that she had the talent of acting within her. So I stood on the university stage and participated in a large number of performances, and she married director Samir Asfouri, after a great love story that brought them together.

Inaam Salousa was a university student studying at the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University. She initially joined the Department of Oriental Languages, while her colleague at the time, the great Egyptian director Samir El-Asfouri, taught in the same faculty of the Department of History.

Archival video:

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