Tesla plans to set up a huge British electric car factory .. Learn more


According to widespread rumors, Tesla electric carmaker is apparently considering setting up a factory in the UK, with reports saying that Elon Musk is working with the British government to find a suitable location for an electric car factory in England, and according to the British website thesun, a recent report He revealed that the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) is looking for a four million square foot site for Tesla, as Tesla is seeking to establish an “EV plant (Electric Vehicle Research and Development).”

One of the locations under consideration is the industrial gravity zone in Somerset, south-west England, while another report said that a special Mask aircraft landed recently in England, where he traveled to the United Kingdom to continue to search for a suitable factory site, while we are undergoing a company Tesla is currently for European expansion.

The CEO of the company, “Elon Musk” had previously said that the United Kingdom is the location of the first plant for Tesla in Europe, but despite that, the uncertainty about Britain’s exit from the European Union was a reason for choosing Berlin over Britain.

While the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) did not confirm that it was working with Tesla but confirmed searching for sites for the purpose of developing electric vehicles, she said: “The government is working with the industry to help make the UK a preferred place for developing world-class electric vehicle technologies,” the statement added. “DIT works closely with partners to expand the reach of new investment sites in electric vehicle research, development and manufacture across the UK.”


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