The Arabs and the Renaissance Dam Egyptian today


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I hesitated a lot before I went into this topic, but because I am the son of Gil – an Egyptian of Arab identity – I decided to break into the silence about him, and to write what goes on in my mind with transparency and clarity, because I feel a heart that I do not hide from our Arab brothers from their indecisive stance on Ethiopian intransigence and crime The great being that is being completed to thirst the Egyptian people and even starve him, and I have asked myself a lot about how everyone is exposed to what the older sister is subjected to regarding the Renaissance Dam, because of the clear maliciousness and profound hostility that he brings to the Egyptian people with their successive civilizations and ancient heritage ?! Of course, Egypt will not be unable to find solutions whatever the cost may be because the water is life, and I am surprised how the Arabs did not pay attention to the fact that Egypt is the owner of the great sacrifices throughout history and the largest partner in bearing the burdens of the Palestinian cause with his Arab brothers for more than eight decades, and was amazed More than that, I have not heard of an Arab government that consulted with the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States on calling for an emergency Arab summit to discuss the issue of tampering with the waters of the Nile and striking the vital interests and historical rights of two Arab countries, Egypt and Sudan, and I remembered Abdel Nasser – may God have mercy on him – who nurtured us as an Arab, a national food and pictures of us It is destiny, fate and life! Was it not he who called for an emergency Arab summit in 1964 when Israel started trying to divert the course of the Jordan River ?! What happened during these years between what happened to the Jordan and the Nile ?! The Nile is another story – gentlemen – because it is the twin of Egyptian civilization and the symbol of its survival and continuity. Ethiopia, if it changes geography, will not change history either.

.. Therefore, I am blamed from a national and sad standpoint from the Egyptian feeling of what we got from the Ethiopian arrogance and the use of a language based on a single will and ignoring all the charters and covenants without support from international law in the face of the mother of civilizations and the owner of the oldest cultures! Big Egypt with its siblings, strong in its heritage, impervious to its location in whose heart the immortal Nile also overlooks two open seas at a fulcrum between the three continents Africa, Asia and Europe, and did the Arabs disobey their affairs until they witness the futility of the Turks and the fun of the Ethiopians and the plans of the Persians ?! Siblings, you must realize that weakening Egypt is weakening all of you and remind you of the maxim that says (I was eaten the day the white bull was eaten) with the difference in analogy. Did you not notice that the Ethiopian methods of negotiation and elongation and its continuous tricks are a duplicate of the Israeli policies that we have known for a whole century? ?! Does Egypt not deserve a unified Arab position that faces the provocation of Ethiopia and places it in its natural size by virtue of our economic potentials, natural resources and regional extensions? Where is all this happening now ?! I had expected that Arab delegations would arrive in the Ethiopian capital, warning about the consequences of what was happening and seeking to create political will with the Ethiopian state, especially that Egypt has dealt with it with great patience, and stressed that it is seeking a peaceful settlement of a sensitive issue that does not relate to the Egyptian state as a political entity but is reflected on the Egyptian people As the largest gathering of human in the river basin, exceeding one hundred million people, I do not want to pour oil on the fire, but I say in bitterness that many news has spread and has become almost certain that the financing of the Renaissance Dam has entered Arab money and the day came when the Egyptians saw that an attempt to strangle them With the support of siblings’ money, whatever the interests and motives, whatever the circumstances and benefits, that Egypt has contributed to the causes of its nation and has not left a common Arab position except and supported it with its weight and its central central role looking around it so do not get upset, worry or fear, for it has one of the ten largest major armies in the world as It has the best agendas of the earth as described by the Messenger of Islam but does not think of a military solution because what is between us and Ethiopia and other African countries – especially neighboring countries of the Arab world – prevents it from that, and the Egyptian decision Rashid Butt I sold it patiently by his instincts. He establishes the accurate calculations of the appropriate timing, and the Egyptian people will not thirst and will not starve cities and villages or disbelievers and hamlets, but the siblings of siblings are obligatory. The League of Arab States has contacts from the offices of Arab foreign ministers to consult with the General Secretariat in holding an emergency summit on the topic of the Renaissance Dam! .. The confrontation will not be – today or tomorrow – Arab-African, because Africans are the closest human gathering to Arabs, and no one should forget that two-thirds of Arabs live in the continent African, but I imagine that brotherly and friendly African countries can participate in the search for a fair way out and a balanced settlement in order to fulfill Egypt’s destiny, and gratitude for its liberating and enlightening role in the last century!

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